Best Tips to Write a Sick Leave Application and Email

Sometimes it happens when you wake up and your body is stiff or you do not want to go to office due to illness, hence you should apply for sick leave.  Usually, it is recommended to write a leave application letter in order to request for a leave

This is the time when you need to inform your manager about going on sick leave and to apply for Sick Leave.

Usually, I simply call or send message via WhatsApp or text to my Lead/Manager and inform my condition, adding that I require a day or even a couple of days off from work. Some companies has its own rules which require a sick leave application via email along with Doctor’s note attached. This may not be applicable for single day leave.

Therefore, let’s understand what’s a sick leave letter and how to write professional sick leave

Best Tips to Write a Sick Leave Application and Email

Do you know what is Sick Leave ? Lets understand

To understand what’s a sick leave application, we’ve first to know what’s exactly sick leave. Every company has its own leaves quota which allows its employees to take an off from work for specific number of days every year.

Calculation of sick leaves could be different according to company rules. Some companies may credit sick leaves in advance at the start of its financial year and same may provide you leaves quarterly.

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 How Important is Sick Leave Application ?

Sick leave is all about informing your senior officials in order to help the business to run smoothly. Your colleague or co-worker has to take up your duties and work overtime. Further, there could be some work or assignment only you’re aware about. A sick leave delays this work.

Hence, a sick leave application is very important. If you take more than 2-3 days of sick leaves than your manager has to assign your tasks to other colleague just to make sure work is not hampered

Therefore, it’s very important to write a sick leave application or an email requesting for one or more days off because you’re not feeling well.  Let’s see how to write a sick leave application or sick leave email with some samples.

Here are some basic yet important tips on how to write sick leave application and shot email. These will be very helpful when you have to take sick leave.

Some Easy Steps to Follow to Write Sick Leave Application & Email

Send the email as early as possible:

The very import step to follow is that employee has to inform the manager and their co-workers before the official timings. The sooner the email reaches your manager the better it is to manage things.

Write a clear email “Subject Line”:

The first and most important thing while writing a sick leave application is to mention the clear subject. Mention explicitly that it’s a request for sick leave. For example Subject: Application for Sick Leave

Address it to the Concerned Person:

If you’re working for a large company, a sick leave letter might usually go to the HR or Admin department. Therefore, state the name of the person in charge correctly.

Never write a generic or general letter such as ‘To the HR Department.’ When you personalize a sick leave letter, it reaches the right person.

Mention about Medical Treatment if you need more than 2-3 days leave:

Usually, sick leave for single day doesn’t need to visit a physician. However, if you’ll not attend work for more than 2 or 3 days, it’s best to Mention about Medical Treatment. This is a clear indicator that you’re genuinely ill and not misusing your sick leave.

Update about the next steps on whatever you’re working on:

If you have a important meeting planned on that particular day, let your employer know that you’re planning to postpone it further or you’ll contact someone to run the meeting. If you’ve got someone on the team, who can cover up your assignments or clients for you, inform your manager about it and discuss with your co-workers to cover your tasks.

This speaks of excellent corporate culture and a sense of responsibility.

Out of Office Reply:

It’s better to have a practice of Out of Office reply whenever someone reaches out to you. Mention clear details about your absence and person to contact in your absence.

Things to remember

Never claim sick leave just because you wish to take a day off as paid holiday as you may never know when you may genuinely require a long sick leave for any reason. And if that happens, it would most likely be on an unpaid leave basis which you wont like it. Hence, take sick leave only when you are really ill.

Some Samples of Sick Leave Application

Sick Leave Application Sample 1 (One-day absence leave in the office):

Subject: On Sick Leave Today

Hi, (Manager’s Name)

I’m emailing this to inform you that I can’t make it to work today, (Date), as I’ve come up to with a stomach illness. I’ll be available to answer emails if you need any urgent help, but (team-mate name) will execute my tasks for today to make sure all deadlines are met.

Thank you for Understanding,

(Your Name)

 Sick Leave Application Sample 2:

Subject: Application for Sick Leave 2-3 days

Hi Mr./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing to let you know that I developed an acute case of food poisoning last night and hence I am unwell and could not report to office today.

Please grant me leave for {X days} days so that I can take proper rest. I will join the office after {X days}, once I feel better.

I have no immediate responsibility regarding the tasks and do not expect any urgencies. Awaiting your approval.

Yours Sincerely,
{Your Name}

Note: These are only sample formats to help you in case you are not familiar with email applications.

Hope you follow these tips and get well soon 🙂

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